Car Dealerships In Tulsa OK

How Bill Knight Ford Became One Of The Top Car Dealerships In Tulsa, OK

We find that most people we talk with, have already heard of Bill Knight just from living in and around the Tulsa Oklahoma area. If you're in this category, here is our challenge to you. Ask a friend where they got their Ford. Tulsa area Ford owners refer car shoppers to our dealership all the time. That's no accident. It's goodwill and good business plain and simple.

State of the Art Facilities

When you walk into a dealership, the state of the facility is going to tell you everything you need to know about how the dealership is run. Now we don't have anything rotten to say about other dealerships in the Tulsa area. We're proud to be competitive in our category. But what we can say, it that folks heading into Bill Knight Ford will know immediately where our focus is by our state of the art facilities.

We keep a clean indoor display room to showcase our new vehicles in plenty of natural lighting against our almost mirror finish flooring. Snap a picture of your car before you drive it out onto the lot. You'll be glad you did. and our service waiting area has all the professional amenities you'll need to pass the time comfortably and constructively if you feel so inclined. Our vehicle lot is elevated and recessed back from the road for comfort and safety. That's by design.

Varied Selection

No two customers are ever going to be exactly alike and that is why we aim to provide a diverse selection of vehicles. Bill Knight Ford caters to those set on test driving the new Ford Escape and those in search of a used vehicle with flexible feature criteria by offering access to a selection that few other car dealerships in the Tulsa, OK region are able to match. this is just one of the many reasons that we stand out ahead of the car dealership competition but it can't be underemphasized. When you're making a big purchase like a new truck or car, seeing all your options is an important part of knowing you're making the right decision.

Talk To Our Dedicated Team

Our team of dedicated staff members is here to make sure that every aspect of your experience goes according to plan. If you're in the market for a vehicle, we're here to direct you to our multitude of options and give you a detailed overview of each one not to rush you into some paperwork. With our sizable inventory of previously owned vehicles that are fully certified, your standards are always going to be met and exceeded. That's why we are Oklahoma's only nine times president's award winning dealer.
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