Top Ford Dealerships

Bill Knight Ford: One Of Oklahoma's Top Ford Dealerships

For those who live in Tulsa or in any of the surrounding areas, locating the top Ford dealerships is the first crucial step that must be taken on the road to vehicle ownership. Once you have taken the opportunity to get to know the good people here at Bill Knight Ford, you will be able to find out firsthand why so many customers consider us their to go to source for new and used Ford vehicles in the state of Oklahoma. For starters, you will find yourself unable to resist the attention to detail that is evident as soon as you take a closer look at our selection. The top Ford dealerships always take the time to handle the most important aspects of the selection process before you have even stepped into the facility.

Thorough Inspections

When you head to Bill Knight Ford, you are able to enjoy a selection like no other. Thanks to our stringent inspection policies, our customers are given access to a showroom full of the finest Ford craftsmanship that Oklahoma's top Ford dealerships have to offer. No new or used car is placed in our showroom or in our inventory until every single box has been checked. This is why our selection remains unparalleled. We want to make all of your Ford ownership dreams come true. Bill Knight Ford is your number one location for new and used Ford vehicles because of our unblinking commitment to providing you with unfettered access to the cars and trucks you desire.

Offering Helpful Financial Guidance

Once our customers have begun to narrow down their selections and they find themselves in need of additional guidance, we are happy to offer all of the necessary information so that informed decisions can be made. We take the time to explain all of the ramifications of each decision and there are a number of loan/lease options to choose from. So why would you ever trust anyone else to explain them to you? Every option is examined in full and there is zero obligation to make a decision before you are ready. Our financing options are fully secure as well. We make your dreams come true while removing the nightmares that can come with this process when you are not properly prepared.

Ensuring A Long Life For Your Vehicle

We are one of the top Ford dealerships in Oklahoma because our relationship with our clientele will continue long after they have departed from our facilities. When you purchase a new or used Ford from us, you can rest easy with the knowledge that you have a proper warranty in your corner to keep you protected at all times. In addition to our new and used vehicle warranties, we also provide the repair and maintenance assistance that you will need to remain on the road for the longest period of time possible. We are by your side for the entirety of your ownership and this is our ironclad pledge to you as the customer.
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