If you've been looking for a car recently, you may have noticed the term EcoBoost on the rear of some Fords. If you aren't too familiar with cars, you might not even know what the term EcoBoost means.

What is an EcoBoost Engine? We get a lot of questions at Bill Knight Ford about what EcoBoost means so we decided to let prospective buyers in the Tulsa, Jenks, Bixby and Broken Bow areas know exactly what an EcoBoost engine entails.

EcoBoost Engines is a lineup of Ford's turbocharged, direct-injected engines. These engines were specifically designed to deliver as much torque as larger engines but give you better fuel-economy while on the road. EcoBoost engines are also better for the environment, reducing greenhouse emissions by 15 percent.

Direct Injection

Direct injection is a process that increases efficiency of the engine by cutting out the process that involves fuel injection by the intake tract. Instead, fuel is directly injected into the engine.


EcoBoost engines are turbocharged. Turbocharged engines involve a device that forces more air into the engine. More fuel combined with an increase of oxygen creates a more powerful engine. Instead of simply making the engine larger, turbocharging adds the power without you having to add more gas.

Nearly all modern Ford models have variants of EcoBoost engines. If you're in the market to buy a new car and considering buying an EcoBoost model, come see us at Bill Knight Ford in Tulsa. We have a wide selection of vehicles with EcoBoost engines and we can answer any question you have. You will feel confident about your choice when driving away in your new Ford from our dealership.

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